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John Lonsdale lives and practices architecture in Northumberland. Since 2014 he has been working on the restoration of a farmstead and the design of new outbuildings whilst running a smallholding.

He studied Architecture at the Architectural Association in London. In 2001 he was awarded the Prix de Rome for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism for his work called Shifting Horizons. In 2004 John Lonsdale Architect was founded where he remains as a registered qualified Architect in The Netherlands. In the UK he practices under the title John Lonsdale Architecture.

He explores the relationship between architecture and landscape using buildings, or architecture, as the means through which to shape and draw out meaning in his art. He has been given Architecture Foundation awards for design and research most recently for the work ‘Mud Ways, Towards a Shifting Architecture’.


In the last years I have striven for new ways to understand architecture in terms framed by the study of land and the things that live in and are of the land.

I am not interested in a nostalgic approach. My work is of the present. I want it to resonate with rather than merely repeat what was there - using the language that is already inscribed in a place but in a way that speaks of today.


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John Lonsdale, BA (Hons.) Arch., AA Dipl.
Registered Architect in The Netherlands: SBA 1.950905.007