Installation, 26 June 2010, Stieren Wei, Kasteel Duivenvoorde, Zuid Holland

A feast was held to mark 50 years of the Foundation of Kasteel Duivenvoorde. Tethered Bull was one of several site specific works to be seen on that evening.

Bull draws with hooves in the grass whilst tethered by a chain to a metal rod stuck in the ground.

Artist worried that the ground is soft and the rod too short.

Artist leads public to the bull. Artist asks the public to make a ring around the bull.

Bull gets agitated. Bull pulls rod out of the soft ground.

So called artist shouts 'Wegwezen!' or 'Go Away!'.

Bull scatters the public. Some of the public appear to run for their lives.

Bull is artist.


The tethered bull, hall & meadow