Installation, 04 September 2013, World Heritage Centre, De Bazel, Amsterdam

The UNESCO World Heritage Podium is a permanent public exhibition in Amsterdam showcasing each of the nine Dutch UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Owing to the forces of Nature such as winds, tides, waves, the shifting of sand, and through the activity of plants and animals the Wadden Sea is never at rest. Mudflats ('wadden'), mud or sand banks along shallow coastal waters, are bursting with life.

This gathering from the former island of Wieringen east of Den Helder has been placed in a trough as one of the exhibits at the World Heritage Centre in the City Archives in Amsterdam. In time, this sculpture, like the Wad, shall also carry on shifting, cracking and oozing.

Curated by Non-Fiction
Client: Bureau Monumenten en Archeologie, Municipality of Amsterdam

     (photograph by Paul Nieuwenhuizen)