Sketch design for a bothy. A bothy is a Scottish & Northumbrian name for a one-roomed hut or cottage). The bothy shown here gives shelter for up to four.

It is made from selected softwood felled from local woodland. It can be assembled in two days either for self-build or built to order. Made from wooden lats. All material brought on site without mechanical assistance.

Fully waterproof and weatherproof. The bothy is mounted on bio-degradable and adjustable footings so that after several years these weather and the bothy will have to be removed.

The glazed inner roof, made from 6" X 16" glass plates, allows for day light and for sleeping under the stars.

Photovoltaic cells turn the sun’s energy into electric current. The sliding doors are made in halves and fitted with bolt, latch and padlock. The floor is laid with 2" thick tongued and grooved boards with insulating layer.

The length of bothy determined on site.

For those wishing to get away into the country. It can also be fitted with 'shepherds berths' and with glazing in the walls.

Gutters used as water storage and, when filled, help to keep the building steady in high winds.

Waterproof and breathable textile bag insulation with feather or dried grass filling.
Wood burning stove and rainwater to drinking-water filter.
Comes with electric storage batteries, compost toilet and stove, steps, shaft and rain water tank.


Bothy along a path Cross-section Isometric Roof plan Looking towards flank Plan Collage with Pine Trees by Hasegawa Collage with Pine Trees by Hasegawa Section with isometric by Hasegawa