Centre for Contemporary Art, Vijfhuizen

The task was to re-fit an ammunitions storage shed belonging to a fort so as to fulfill it's new role as a centre for contemporary art. As with all 'restoration' jobs, finding a balance between meeting the needs of the new use whilst respecting the integrity of the older structure is not always an easy one.

Introduced into the body of the shed are five 'fittings out' that run along rails and that can be slid, rolled or hinged in relation to the older structure. Their movements are seen as forming both a continuity with and comparison to the trajectories of projectiles that were once employed to defend the fort and to the lines of movement made by cyclist, motorist, artist and curator in their day to day goings on in and around the fort.

Client: Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen Foundation, open competition, NL


Site Plan, Trajectories of projectiles and other moving bodies

FITTING_OUT_A_SHED_DWGS_01 FITTING_OUT_A_SHED_DWGS_02 Fitting Out_1-5 with shed Fitting Out_1-5 Fitting Out_1 stair Fitting Out_1 stair detail Fitting Out_2 wash room Fitting Out_3 reception desk Fitting Out_4 screen Fitting Out_5 folding screen Fitting Out_5 screen detail Fitting Out_1-5 only 1 Fitting Out_1-5 only 2