ADSL 2013

Landscape Space_Stream

The subject of our study is 'stream'. We shall work directly and physically with one kind of stream of your choice.
Think of condensation that runs down the window, waves of water, flowing sand and mud, melting ice and so on.

Stream shall act as a means of reflecting upon how we perceive landscape or our environment. Our subject is the relation between movement and place. The subject is unmistakeable to experience, but very difficult to articulate and describe. The relation is best illustrated by story and example rather than by analysis.

Have we not all been significantly shaped by landscape when our moods, feelings and emotions are configured by our surroundings in ways that are hard to speak about but powerful to experience? We will try to describe these using the study of stream to do so.


The following images are a selection of models made in the first weeks of study.

 Elejan van der Velde   'Threadsculpture' 
 Elejan van der Velde   'Threadsculpture' 
 Ryuta Sakaki   Stream 1 
 Ryuta Sakaki   Stream 2 
 Maximiliaan Royakkers   Stream 1 
 Maximiliaan Royakkers   Stream 2 
 Maximiliaan Royakkers   Stream 3 
 Maximiliaan Royakkers   Stream 4