ADSL 2013

A Short Time

We can understand densely inhabited urban landscapes as the accreted materialization of the coming together and living together of many people over many years. These expressions of society as collective accretions are cyclical and turn from construction to adaptation to destruction. These endless ‘techtonic dances’ give the character and sense of place to any and all inhabited landscapes and most of them take a long time to complete their cycle.

A Short Time will find ways of observing or perceiving cyclical techtonic dances by taking a dry dock within the harbour of Antwerp. The homeless of Europe will be given temporary refuge by the city of Antwerp in a great act of altruism and generosity. The cycle of construction, adaptation and destruction, when the refugees must leave will be sketched out using a means that can best describe cyclical shifts. The brevity of this cycle will be in stark contrast to the long time cycle of inhabitation of the rest of the city.

ADSL 2013 Department Architecture, Artesis University College Antwerp


Thibault Trouve Thibault Trouve Fien Batens Fien Batens Julie Boliau Julie Boliau Julia Berger Julia Berger Jonas van Put Jonas van Put Eef van Meer Eef van Meer Carla Schrauwen Carla Schrauwen Cathinca Aarfman Cathinca Aarfman Rosalien van der Elstraeten Rosalien van der Elstraeten Marten Hofman Marten Hofman Stef Reaymaekers Stef Reaymaekers