Last August nine students from the School of Architecture in Amsterdam went to Danyigba in the Volta Region of West Africa to learn about and map the qualities of informal slowly evolved settlements. Rather than see Ghana and Africa as a poor feckless victim and ‘the west’ as its rescue service a deeper understanding and a more balanced exchange was sought.

This third year student project was a collaboration between the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Ghana, and the Ho – Polytechnic, Ghana.

This project aimed to stimulate innovative thinking about architecture and landscape urbanism through an exchange between students from Ghana and the Netherlands. The objective of the studio was to learn from the patterns of settlement and displacement that can be mapped in Ghana as a potential model to adapt and engage with Dutch spatial planning.

Participating landscape architecture students from the Amsterdam Academy: Gert-Jan Wisse, Joep Meijer, Milda Jusaite.

Project Teachers: John Lonsdale, Rosetta Sara Elkin, Dr. Samuel Addo, Batholomew K.Borlu.

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